luni, 30 ianuarie 2012


Lyn and I discussed a week ago that we should take some photos. It's taken us some time to meet up to actually do this, but in the end, we took a trike to the south part of White Beach to this deserted resort (apparently the owner died during kite surfing, when he crashed in his own resort on the beach). Lyn showed me around that part of the beach and we took some shots in a couple of locations. Beautiful as always, she bathed in the sunlight, relaxed and inquisitive at the same time towards my intrusive presence.





The warm sun was setting with a colourful show, and we started to walk on the beach, talking this and that. She kept texting her friend and also something work related, but that didn't bother us. We kept walking, whilst the sail boats danced for the sun one more time.


We stopped at the Red Pirates and had a beer-slash-juice, preparing to go have dinner with some friends.The sun disappeared beneath the sea's blanket, and we watched the residual red light and the fading dark blue of the sky. On was another night!


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