luni, 25 ianuarie 2010

Different Sides of Curiosity

Edit: China to ban eating cats and dogs (source: PlanetSave)

Eating dogs and cats–which is an age-old delicacy in China–could soon be against the law. It’s the nation’s first law against such animal abuse. Currently, dog and cat meat is viewed as promoting bodily warmth. But if the law passes, people who eat either animal could face fines of up to $730 or 15 days in jail. Organizations involved the practice would face fines up to 100-times as much.

Raising cats and dogs for meat remains widespread in China. You’ll often see it advertised as “fragrant meat,” a euphemism for dog. Cat meat is more popular in southern China where activists block trucks carrying thousands of cats to meat markets.

Ending the culinary tradition is going to be difficult even it is passed in to law, as it dates back thousands of years. Dog meat was once considered a medicinal tonic

duminică, 17 ianuarie 2010


Long time no see!

Ar trebui sa facem un album cu toti.

duminică, 3 ianuarie 2010

Tot ce-a mai ramas...

Banuiesc ca se cade un "la multi ani". Insa nu vreau sa stric tot spunand-o.

Cei multi s-au rasfirat, s-au cernut, s-au topit, s-au fasiat, s-au sfasiat, s-au divizat. Dar au ramas la fel de multi.